this is new life

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Jesus gives us New Life. More life than we could imagine.  

His hope for us is that we become the version of ourselves that He originally dreamed of when he created us, our very best self.

Ashburton New Life is a community built to encourage individuals, families, communities, and nations in Jesus original plan. When we see ourselves as He sees us we are connected with his plan for us.  Our connection with Jesus releases dreams, passions, and brand new quality of life.

This is New Life.


Ashburton New Life is family.  Being part of God’s family changes our world and the world around us. Family changes our options, changes our capacity and it changes our outcomes. 

None of us are perfect, but Jesus has begun a perfect work in us.  

Connecting generations and cultures to the love of God and finding new life in His plans and purposes for them.

Church & Community

A vibrant church makes an important contribution to a strong community.  At Ashburton New Life we love taking opportunities to positively impact the lives of people in our community.  

We have an urgency and a desire to meet with God.  We carry a faith that inspires others to connect with His hope. 

Ashburton New Life is a relational church caring about real people in the real world. We love seeing people charged up with new purpose, living with new energy, and experiencing new life.


Our reason for existing is to reach out and inspire people in our community and region to live a life filled with purpose and passion through the redemptive love of Jesus Christ.

We long for people to experience the real, authentic and present, life transforming power of Jesus. For families to find connection, belonging, wholeness, identity and healing. Championing people to be all they can be. To live beyond what’s natural because our God is a supernatural God. He is the focus of our worship, our passion and is central to living our best lives.  

The Bible is applicable to our lives, it is a living word that has authority and power and is the pathway to success in all we do. Our worship to God has purpose and is a sound that connects generations to Him. Our expectation is that He will show up because we are valued by God.

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